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Workshop on Algorithmic Game Theory:
Learning Algorithms and Dynamics in Distributed Systems

July, 2nd-3rd 2013,
Saint Nizier du Moucherotte, France

Workshop Chair:
Corinne Touati (LIG and Inria)

Program Chairs:
Johanne Cohen (CNRS-PRISM)
Panayotis Mertikopoulos (CNRS-LIG / Inria)

Local organizers:
Marie-Anne Dauphin-Rizzi (Inria)
Corinne Touati (LIG and Inria)

Manon Dalban-Pilon (Inria)

GDR Jeux

Welcome to AlgoGT 2013

Welcome to the home page of AlgoGT 2013, the 3rd Workshop on Algorithms and Dynamics for Learning in Games and Distributed Systems. AlgoGT aims to bring together researchers working on algorithmic game theory, learning, and their applications to engineering and biology (networking games, evolutionary game theory, etc.). As such, AlgoGT seeks to facilitate the flow of expertise between different communities that focus on efficient decision-making (game theory, optimization, operations research, control theory, computer science) and its range of topics will include the following topics of interests.

Topics of Interests:

  • Algorithmic game theory and complexity
  • Algorithms for repeated or dynamic games
  • Learning in games and bounded rationality
  • Game dynamics
  • Congestion games and applications to networks
  • Evolutionary games and applications to biology
  • Mean-field games and large-scale interactions
  • Stochastic methods in game theory
The workshop speakers will be scholars and distinguished researchers from different fields, ranging from mathematics and economics to electrical engineering and computer science. A specific poster session will allow phd students and young researchers to interact with the community and present still on-going work.