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Workshop on Algorithmic Game Theory:
Learning Algorithms and Dynamics in Distributed Systems

July, 2nd-3rd 2013,
Saint Nizier du Moucherotte, France

Workshop Chair:
Corinne Touati (LIG and Inria)

Program Chairs:
Johanne Cohen (CNRS-PRISM)
Panayotis Mertikopoulos (CNRS-LIG / Inria)

Local organizers:
Marie-Anne Dauphin-Rizzi (Inria)
Corinne Touati (LIG and Inria)

Manon Dalban-Pilon (Inria)

GDR Jeux

Venue and accomodations

The workshop AlgoGT 2013 will be held at Saint Nizier du Moucherotte, in the vicinity of Grenoble. The city is a popular ski resort in winter and hosted the ski jumping individual large hill event for the 1968 Winter Olympics. It is located in the Vercors in the French prealps. During summer however, we should expect some nice sunny weather.
Access to the workshop site:
The workshop site is the "Auberge des trois pucelles" which can be reached by bus from Grenoble's station. Please try to reach Grenoble so as to get the recommanded bus schedule (in bold letters). In case you cannot make it for that time, please let us know th rough the registration form and we will try our best to accomodate you.
Bus time table: (Stop: "Grenoble Gare Routière" and "Saint Nizier - Les Michalons")
Way up (Grenoble to Saint Nizier):
08h00 - 08h46
*** 09h55 - 10h36 ***
12h15 - 13h01
17h00 - 17h46
18h00 - 18h46
19h00 - 19h46
Way down (Saint Nizier to Grenoble):
07h05 - 07h50
07h45 - 08h30
08h30 - 09h15
13h20 - 14h00
*** 16h05 - 16h50 ***
18h20 - 19h00
We also provide AlgoGT participants with free of charge accomodation (but reservation is mandatory) at the nearby "ferme Rony" with a organic breakfast ("petit déjeuner bio") and some original lodging under fully furnished tipis.
In case you would like to stay in some traditional hotel instead, we suggest that you stay at the Ibis Budget Grenoble Sud Seyssin hotel. Information and online booking can be done here. Note however that there is no public transportation to the hotel (14 km away from the conference site). Let us know if you wish to stay there in the registration page so that we can try to organize a car pooling system.